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### Why do I need the ATLAS Virtual Machine? (I already have Linux!)
To guarantee you can run the new ATLAS Open Data Jupyter Notebook found in this repository and the Git&Zenodo Assistant program, you will need to install the Virtual Box, its extension pack and the ATLAS Virtual Machine. The ATLAS VM is designed for running code to analyse and plot datasets from ATLAS Open Data, and the Git&Zenodo was thought as a tool to be used in its linux terminal, so when you run the repository content inside the ATLAS VM, you can be sure that you will get all the functionalities.
If you do not like reading instructions that much, you will find the useful links below, with videotutorials to install and use the VirtualBox and Virtual Machine
# VirtualBox installation tutorial
* * *
* Go to the official site:
* Select the largest box which contains the latest version of the software.
* Select the appropriate version of VirtualBox for your operating system (Windows, IOS, Linux, Solaris).
* After completing the download, locate the installer on your computer and proceed to run the program.
* Follow the installation standard. Clicking on '' next ''.
* Now a window will appear saying that the Internet will be temporarily disabled during the installation of the program.Click "Yes".
* Click on '' install '' to start the installation
* After the installation is finished. Click on '' Finish ''
* Now you have VirtualBox on your computer
### VirtualBox Extension Pack:
Once the installation is complete, you can go to the official VirtualBox page to install the extension. This will be found under the section where the operating system version was selected.
* Attached to the link, we can get a manual to read all the functions of the extension.
* Click on '' All supported platforms '' to start the download.
* In the same way, after completing the download, locate the installer on your computer and proceed to run the program.
* VirtualBox will open to install the plugin, click on 'install' and accept the license terms. Process with installation standards.
* After the installation is complete, you can head over to VirtualBox. Click on '' File '' next '' Preferences '' and on '' extensions '' to verify that the installation has been correct.
# Virtual machine installation tutorial
* * *
* Go to site:
* Click on the 13 TeV ATLAS Open Data virtual machine installation, to start the data download. (It is recommended to have around 4gb of free disk space for the package).
* After downloading the ATLAS Open Data VM package. Start VirtualBox, click on '' File '' next '' Import appliance '' and select the downloaded file (that should end with '' .ova '').
* Proceed to follow the installation standards by clicking on '' next '' and then on '' import ''. The operating system should start importing the files.
* Now our Virtual Machine should be ready. And to use it we start by clicking on '' Start ''
## Useful links
[VirtualBox main page](
[VirtualBox Downloads](
[ATLAS about VirtualBox](
[ATLAS about the ATLASVM](
## Tutorials
[Install the VirtualBox]( **DOI**:
[Install the ATLAS VM]( **DOI**:
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