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......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ The framework consists of **two main parts**:
The analysis code is located in the **Analysis** folder, with 12 sub-folders corresponding to the 12 examples of physics analysis documented in [Physics analysis examples](../physics/ The naming of the sub-folders follows a simple rule: "NNAnalysis", where NN can be *WBoson, ZBoson, TTbar, SingleTop, WZDiBoson, ZZDiBoson, HZZ, HWW, Hyy, ZPrimeBoosted, ZTauTau and SUSY*.
While the notebook is running, a description and explanation of the selected analysis will appear. This information is stored in the *analysis_info.csv* file inside the *notebooks-info* folder. A more detailed explanation about the data is found in the file.
Each analysis sub-folder contains the following files:
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