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# Contributing to LA-CoNGA physics
:tada::balloon::cake: **Welcome to _LA-CoNGA Physics_ repository!** :cake::balloon::tada:
:dizzy::hatched_chick::sunny: _We're excited that you're here and want to contribute._ :sunny::hatched_chick::dizzy:
Welcome to LA-CoNGA physics repository, and thank you for thinking about contributing!
The point of this file is to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved.
We need experts (researchers and teachers) in the Advanced physics for curricula design, in interconnected instrumentation, in data management (particularly ensuring the highest quality data protection plans are in place), in communication, in fundraising, app development, user experience design and documentation.
If you think you can help in any of the areas listed above (and we bet you can) or in any of the many areas that we haven't yet thought of (and here we're sure you can) then please check out our contributing guidelines below for more information on how to get started.
Please note that it's very important to us that we maintain a positive, open, safe and supportive learning environment for everyone who wants to participate. When you join us we ask that you follow [our code of conduct]( in all interactions both on and offline.
If you have any questions that aren't discussed below, please let us know through one of the many ways to [get in touch](#get-in-touch).
## Table of contents
Been here before? Already know what you're looking for in this guide? Jump to the following sections:
- [Joining the community](#joining-the-community)
- [Inclusivity](#inclusivity)
- [Where to start](#where-to-start)
- [_LA-CoNGA Physics_ platform](#la-conga-physics_-platform)
- [Other Resources](#other-resources)
## Joining the community
_LA-CoNGA Physics_ is an [Erasmus+ Capacity Building]( project, an European-Latinamerican network which aims to support the modernization of the university infrastructure and the pedagogical offer in advanced physics in four Latin American countries. We, therefore, require that all our members and their contributions **adhere to our [Code of Conduct]( (CoC)**. Please familiarize yourself with our [CoC]( that lists the expected behaviours.
## Inclusivity
_LA-CoNGA Physics_ aims to be inclusive to people in **Advanced Physics**. These intentions must be reflected in the contributions that we make to the project.
In addition to the [CoC](, behavior in each LA-CoNGA scenario must respect diversity and promote equity and inclusion, as mentioned in our **[Diversity Plan](**.
We encourage intentional, inclusive actions from contributors to _LA-CoNGA Physics_. Please use respectful, gender-neutral and inclusive language (learn more about [inclusive writing](, resource by University of Leicester).
## Where to start :point_right: LA-CoNGA Platform
> Please contact our IT manager by email at []( to get your credentials for *LA-CoNGA Platform*.
### _LA-CoNGA Physics_ platform
_LA-CoNGA Physics_ activities are supported and/or developed through a set of tools which form the _LA-CoNGA Physics_ platform. These tools seek to manage aspects such as communication, online classes, content preservation or computational calculation in the best way. Below each tool is described.
- **Mattermost** available at A messaging service focused on communication management for workgroups.
- **GitLab** available at A [Git-based]( collaborative software development and version control web tool.
- **JupyterHUB** available at A multi-user interactive computing web service.
- **ECMS** (Educational content management service) available at A service to manage educational contents for *LA-CoNGA Physics* courses.
- LA-CoNGA Physics **website** available at Official web site for *LA-CoNGA Physics* project.
Aditionally we have a set of templates availabe at [LA-CoNGA Physics templates](docs/ to support the creation of contents.
You can find more details on these tools in [LA-CoNGA Platform Guides](docs/
### Other Resources
#### Writing in Markdown
Most of the writing that you'll do in most of the services of the _LA-CoNGA Physics_ platform will be in [Markdown][markdown].
You can think of Markdown as a few little symbols around your text that will allow GitHub to render the text with a little bit of formatting.
For example, you could write words as **bold** (`**bold**`), or in _italics_ (`_italics_`), or as a [link][rick-roll] (`[link](`) to another webpage.
For a detailed guide on how to write in markdown visit the [Markdown Cheatsheet]( by [Adam Pritchard](
[_The Turing Way_ style guide]( will provide guidance and supporting resources for ensuring consistency, readability and accessibility for all our users.
_These Contributing Guidelines have been adapted from the [Contributing Guidelines]( of the [turing Way Community](! (License: CC-BY)_
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